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About Frances Collier

Frances Collier

"Quality of movement, brings quality of health, which brings quality of life. Win Win."

We all are born to move both mindfully AND bodyfully! The creator of Bodylistics®, Frances Collier has developed a very personal and bespoke approach that uniquely integrates all aspects of life and individual circumstances. Her focal point lies on breaking patterns and habits, leading to efficient and long-lasting improvement, and most importantly igniting spark and movement-health-passion again. With over three decades of teaching the logistics, the mechanics, the linguistics and the artistics of the body, Frances thrives on guiding you to a pain-free, joy-filled movement life. Amalgamating a unique wealth of experience in respected movement practices, somatic fascia therapy, functional anatomy, hands-on dissection courses, abdominal-visceral therapy, dynamic yoga and neurolinguistic programming NLP which are deeply complemented by her knowledge as a professional dancer, performer, trainer, coach, life-lover, mentor and therapist to high-profile actors and sports people.
Having graduated as a professional dancer at Rambert School in London in 1994, Frances spent two decades dancing with full time repertory companies in Europe and as a freelance artist in London. Her professional experience covers performing a wide range of ballet, contemporary and musical repertory as well as being rehearsal director and choreographer on various projects whilst building a thorough on-and-off-stage-understanding when it comes to injury management and prevention.
Frances specialises in providing in-person as well as on-line injury management & prevention, movement coaching, training & physical consultancy for famous Movie and West End theatre productions. She loves working with professional performers, artists and sports people as well as helping active people from all walks of life.

Awards, Events & Blogs

Frances talks to One Dance UK, Wellbeing Wednesday Writings - all about her professional practice with performers and endeavors in Movement Health - read the article here

Dance Healthcare Practitioner Award

Bodylistics® has received high acclaim from various professional bodies, we have been officially nominated for the Dance Health Care Practitioner Award by One Dance UK.

Speaker @ Integrative Health Convention

The Integrative Health Convention took place on February 11th 2022, where I have received the honour to speak in the afternoon of the convention. Please see my interview with the host to get a taster of it here and book your early bird discounted tickets today.

For the Pros

Mentoring and coaching for injured dancers, performers, athletes and all professional movers. Especially when you are not sure where to go next with your recovery process - both injury or career and lifestyle wise- we can explore your options together in session and help you figure out how to best address your issue. We will be taking your whole being and circumstances into consideration, to find solutions together. And if it means you will be transitioning into a different chapter because of an injury, our sessions can act as a triage go-to-place where we can explore the best ways of helping you facilitate your new new.

For any enquiries or to book an appointment please email me directly at

The Bodylistics Story

We are here for you. To help you learn about the logistics, the mechanics, the linguistics and the artistics of the body, and let’s just say there’s a little bit of supercalifragilistics in there too.
Using a unique combination of neurolinguistic imagery and somatic guidance (versus generic gym-exercising), Bodylistics® is a sensory experience which moves you away from an abstract or intellectual imposing of instructions and instead reconnects you with the feeling and the quality of the movement. This reinstates optimal functionality and bespoke kinaesthetic understanding which is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Bodylistics® helps you find out, through practical experiencing and in-touch guidance, what it means to move again: pain-free and with joy, and with mindful bodyfulness.
What makes us different from your ordinary movement regime is that we don’t use a general one-for-all model. Therefore, we have developed a unique approach for you to experience a programme bespoke to YOU and help you find the key to YOUR optimal way of moving, where you are feeling AT HOME in and with your body again. We want exercising and physical health to no longer be a chore or something that you “have to make yourself do” because “you’ve been told it’s good for you”. But instead, we wish to help you onto your journey of truly understanding and loving your physical movement from every cell of your being again.
The crux is not to have to fix but to MAINTAIN optimal movement health in everything you do! Linking correct exercising with daily life activities is at the base to all of this. When guided movement becomes second nature it becomes the perfect injury prevention, performed and strengthened through your daily life activities. No more pain when lifting a suitcase or a heavy shopping bag, no more twinges when getting off that sofa and no more neck and shoulder agony at the end of a long day.
Tracking and understanding your movement pattern and finding out where in the movement chain you go wrong, is the first step to being able to detect the cause of your pain symptoms. All it needs from here is to re-train the correct and coordinated movement pattern, allowing optimal alignment and neuropathways to re-communicate, which will then naturally bring every link back into its place and provide for what we all wish for: long-lasting health and well-being.
Let Bodylistics® help you find those tools and techniques that are right for YOU. Right now. Any time. Any where. 

Embody it
Enjoy it &
Be Bodyful with it!

Body Zone Body Well

Movement Pharmacy®

Body Well

How can you help your body stay well? A playful approach to guiding you through each zone of your body and its optimal functionality.
Body Zone Body Well
Joy Ahoy Sports, Dance and Performers
Joy Ahoy Sports, Dance & Performers

Joy Ahoy

Sports, Dance & Performers

For you active folks! Complement your sports or dance & performing activity with a well of mindful and bodyful approaches.
Joy Ahoy Rooms

Joy Ahoy

In Your Daily Life

A spoonful of movement helps the day feel great! Whatever your lifestyle, and wherever you are, say Joy Ahoy to moving right here and right now.
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Body Zone Movement Pharmacy
Body Zone Movement Pharmacy

Movement Pharmacy®

Resourceful Remedies

How can you help your body feel well again? Welcome to Bodylistics’ basic movement remedies to help you manage and hopefully recover from physical “little somethings”.
Movement World Yogalicious

Movement World


A bit of a Yogi? Welcome to exploring what makes up our Yogalicious movement world.
Movement World Yogalicious
Bodylistics Bodylixquisite
Bodylistics Logo



For Your Bodylistical Eyes Only – a bit like an exquisite Magna Bodylistica really.. As a member you will have exclusive access to this content, including:
Learning Corner

Learning Corner

Up for learning more? Here’s your hub of “bringing it all together”; you’ll find longer and more in depth explanations under Learning Corner, and quickies via the Glossary.
Movement World Bodylocious

Movement World


Wanna move and groove? Pick and choose from a broad variety of options that make up our Bodylocious movement world.
Movement World Bodylocious

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