Bodylistics® is the wholesome nurturing of the body's yearning for moving and being moved.

About Bodylistics

The Bodylistics® Story

Using a unique combination of neurolinguistic imagery and somatic guidance (versus generic gym-exercising), Bodylistics® is a sensory experience which moves you away from an abstract or intellectual imposing of instructions and instead reconnects you with the feeling and the quality of the movement – which reinstates optimal functionality and bespoke kinaesthetic understanding which is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Bodylistics® helps you find out, through practical experiencing and in-touch guidance, what it means to move again: pain-free and with joy – and with mindful bodyfulness.

What makes us different from your ordinary exercise regime is that we don’t use a general one-for-all model. Therefore, we have developed a unique approach for you to experience a programme bespoke to YOU and help you find the key to YOUR optimal way of moving, where you are feeling AT HOME in and with your body again. We want exercising no longer to be a chore or something that you “have to make yourself do” because “you’ve been told it’s good for you”. We wish to help you onto the journey of loving your physical movement from every cell of your being again – so that you, like us, yearn to move and that every day you look forward to being with and in your beautiful body.

The crux is not to have to fix, but how to MAINTAIN optimal movement health in everything you do! Linking correct exercising with daily life activities, and making them one and the same again, is at the base to all of this. When guided movement becomes second nature it becomes the perfect injury prevention, performed and strengthened through our daily life activities. No more pain when lifting a suitcase or a heavy shopping bag, no more twinges when getting off that sofa, no more neck and shoulder agony at the end of a long day, and no more fighting with your pillow positions at night and having to get rid of that painful arm-tingling the next day… AND moreover, getting access to guided and instructional HOME-movement-routines, be it whilst still lying in bed, or cooking in the kitchen, or even sitting on the toilet… Sounds good? Well, you’re in the right place with us here at Bodylistics®, where you’ll be re-learning and re-loving all that is your healthy moving you!!

Ultimately our Body-Buddy is born a wonder of nature’s perfection, and someone who WANTS to be healthy. And when the signal alarms with pain, it is up to us to hear our bodies and support inquisitively with an open ear and mind. Often it’s just the bodies’ scream for help to say: please listen to me and change the way you move – for right now you’re hurting me! Please let us find out how to heal and fix this issue together.  And so the partnership of mind and body can grow hand in hand.

Tracking and understanding your movement pattern and finding out where in the movement chain you go wrong, is the first step to being able to detect the cause of your pain symptoms, and with it you will find that the key to change is within. All it needs from here is to re-train for a correct and coordinated movement pattern, allowing optimal alignment and neuropathways to re-communicate, which will then naturally bring every link back into its place and provide for what we all wish for: long-lasting health and well-being.

May Bodylistics® help you find those tools and techniques that are right for you right now and wherever you are.

Embody it
Enjoy it &
Be Bodyful with it!

Here's over to you,
Thank you for joining us today,
And on every day ahead.

With movement-love
And, well, bodylistically yours

Meet the team

Founder of Bodylistics

Frances Collier

Chief Editing Wizard & Fairy Godfather to Bodylistics

Dan Poole

logo artist

Ninela Ivanova

Model and Best Buddy

Amy Drew

Joint Editing Wizard

Tom Child

Musical Magician

Chris Benstead


An especially bodylistical and most hearty thanks to: Dan, Tarun, Ninela, Chris, Amy, Lou, Tom, Elvira, Kat, Simon, Marion, Beate, Nick, Simon, Ruby, Noah, Diane, Alain.

Sheana, Emily, Max, Elisabeth, Maria, Hilary, David, Mary, Kate, Maite, Coral & Hugo, Jo & Adam, Amanda & Tom, Cath & Mark, Silke & David & Spider.

Bodylistics® is dedicated to BB: You are giving out so much to all of us… may this presi be giving something back to you… with so much goodness and gratitude from Frannie the Grannie xx.