Some kind words from Bodylistics® clients…

Once you've seen it,
Once you've moved it,
You'll never forget it!

Bodylistics® has given me so many physical and mental tools, I can’t thank Frances enough for her words of wisdom. Lifechanging!

Hannah Martin – Birmingham Royal Ballet

I watched your fascinating talk for One Dance UK this afternoon and marvelled at the range of studies you must have followed to be so incredibly knowledgeable.  Congratulations on the range of healing work in your hands and head.

Ann Whitley – Clapham, North Yorkshire

Thank you so much! Whenever I speak to you or see you I feel as though you are filling in the puzzle for me and helping me figure out everything, it’s so wonderful. 

Bella, 14,
Royal Ballet School

So brilliant !! Your course doesn’t miss anything out. It’s jammed packed with essential advice, movement and doable every day movements to help EVERYONE!! Well done on a huge accomplishment. 

Kate, Eternal Cycles, Dublin 

I have a subscription to Bodylistics®. I use it absolutely every day, not just for my body but it’s been indispensable for my treatments and for my own body. I’ve learnt so much. I show my clients videos as well as little, unique, crucial recovery exercises and more. It has enhanced my treatments – it’s invaluable. Thank you Frances and Bodylistics® I couldn’t do it without you. 

Lou, Bodyworker and Sportswoman, Devon 

The rehab process was much scarier than I had thought but
you have made it a lot easier.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Harriet – London

Today is one of the happiest days I’ve had in a long time.
The closest I’ve felt to being back for months and months.
I hope we can continue on this trend!

Heather – Birmingham

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I definitely wouldn’t have made it through any of my knee surgery without you! Very, very grateful thank you so much!

Molly, Leicester –
Addict Dance Academy

It was so nice to be able to talk to someone who could so closely relate to my experience. Thank you for taking the time to listen and understand. Already I feel mentally lighter and more able to cope with the situation that I’m faced with.

Hannah – Birmingham

I tried one of your chair flow classes yesterday and really enjoyed it! So nice to move my body also knowing I’m not doing any harm to my foot in doing so! Thank you for the time you gave in creating the videos, I can tell already that it will help many people from all around the world as they continue their journeys.

Heather – Birmingham

Your new doulaship work, which is an amazing and inspired, as well as greatly-needed addition to dance and body work…. Grieving the loss of a previous way of life, movement ability, etc I don’t think has been addressed in the dance and mind-body field! You are truly inspired with your innovation into everyday movement, emotional and physical well-being, and honouring and bringing to light the very real grieving process everyone goes through at some point in their lifetime, here, especially in the loss of a previous movement ability. Your gentle method which is so joyful and practical, enhanced by your reviews, are testimony to how good you are!

Marisol – Bath

Thank you so much for last night, it was so nice to be able to share my discoveries with someone who knows exactly what this journey is like!

Helen – London

It’s unlike anything else.
It’s changed the way I move forever

Chris – Professional Dancer

This is injury prevention and movement coaching AT ITS BEST – all in one platform!

Hayley NYC – Dance Teacher & Bodyworker

This is Boogle…
(like Google for your Body)!

Liz, London – Former Professional Dancer

No one else does this. I finally understand my body and the reasons why it always used to hurt. Since working with Frances’ Bodylistics® I understand and have been pain-free ever since. I love it!

Laura – Office worker & Triathlete

I believe Bodylistics® is so useful informative. And the facts about injury prevention and fitness and wellbeing are of such a high standard it’s worth its weight in gold.

Harvey Klein, London – Pilates teacher
and former professional Dancer

Movement health in your training but also in your every day life! It shows you how to train and stay fit and well even when you’re with your hoover, with your bath towel, in your car- that’s what’s so unique and distinctive about it!

Rachel – Professional Athlete

Wow! I’ve just finished my first session and I feel like a new woman! My spirits have completely lifted, not to mention how good my body feels. I’m so impressed with the beautiful lighting and environment in which the videos are made. What an incredible talent you have. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this into my very sedentary world! This website is pure magic. You give people the gift of life and love.

Kate Bedell, Dublin – Watercolour Artist

Bodylistics® is absolutely bursting with movement wisdom and video tutorials to help with everyday movement and injury prevention in particular, and is helping me with my own knee rehab when I need it and can’t get hands-on treatment (like, most of this past year!). It’s helping with my niggles especially since it’s from a dancer’s point of view.  

Katrina Beath, London – Humanistic Councillor & Bodyworker

Bodylistics® is like having a personal digital movement coach –  with bite sized videos where you can find whatever you’re looking for whenever you need it.

Whether that be as a dancer, someone who’s doing rehab, or just someone who wants to explore what it means to move. 

Elizabeth, London – Office Worker & Former Professional Dancer

Thank you much for this, I can’t tell you how amazing this all is. I’ve started sleeping with my feet off the edge of the bed and I’m waking up without aching feet for the first time in years!

Andrew – Marketing Manager & Former Actor

I particularly enjoy the kitchen exercises and do them almost every morning. I also often need movement pharmacy – it is so amazing that it is there, as we don’t have access to you at the moment. Thank you for bringing your amazing knowledge to us! 

Ninela Ivanova, London – Designer and Salsa Dancer

Bodylistics® is like a mentoring programme. Across the different pillars you will be guided and mentored on what to look out for, how to use and respect your body, and how to move it well.

Marion, Belgium – Arts Critic, Finance & Procurement Officer and Former Professional Dancer

The principles and lifestyle of Bodylistics and a connection with Frances’ warm soul will also help change many others’ lives for the better.

Amy, London – Dancer & Performer

Bodylistics® will challenge you to understand your physical being, in a way that can be missed or forgotten all too often, in a rapidly moving world.

Dan, London – Actor

What I value most about our sessions is the freedom of expression, openness, fun and integrity of Frances’ approach.

Ninela, London – Designer

I just watched a few of the bedroom vids. Omg I’ve been sleeping wrong and making my bed wrong all my life!  Going to follow these and see how it helps. So amazing what you’ve done with this. It’s going to help so many people! No one else talks about these things that make all the difference!! 

Olivia Wood, London – Therapist and Soul Searcher

The videos are amazing! Brilliantly done and explained. They are so essential. We used to do a lot of these at yoga class but yours are much more detailed. So very well done. Five Stars.

Kate, Dublin – Intuitive Painter

I spent time going through Bodylistics®. It is beyond amazing! I can’t imagine the hours you poured your heart into it! You covered everything! I loved the section on how to sleep. So smart!!

Laurie Glenn, London –
Acupuncturist & Reiki Master

I am very grateful for Bodylistics® as it came into my life at a time when I was feeling particularly unmotivated, disconnected from my dancing-self, and otherwise unable to fulfil the sense of freedom through movement which I so craved! The Joy Ahoy – Rooms pillar of Bodylistics® offered me practical movements solutions that helped me to make moments more meaningful, and life’s mundane more mindful and explorative. This recognition of finding joy in the habitual has been empowering for me as a dancer who has struggled with their movement identity for some time, but also as a way of simply helping to correct some of my unfavourable postural tendencies. As somebody who works in dance science, health and wellbeing, and advocates for safe practice for dancers, I was really excited to discover the ‘hazards’, ‘how to’ and ‘exercises’ segments for Sports, Dance and Performers. I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting and re-visiting the short video demonstrations in these sections, and have not only found them informative, but relatable thanks to Frances’ use of language. For me, Bodylistics® serves as self-care, but also this tranquil place of escapism that transports me back to the studio, and for that I say thank you. 

Jessica Lowe, Birmingham – Recreational Dancer working in Dancers’ Health

Having had years of suffering acute shoulder pain through playing a sport at a professional level, I was introduced to Frances as my last attempt of rehab before a major shoulder operation (as per the advice from two orthopaedic surgeons). Having had years of physio and reluctant ultra sound assisted steroid injections, Frances through hands-on treatments and movement coaching has successfully restored my movement to full strength and capacity. Since my recovery I not only see Frances regularly I use her Bodylistics® platform now as part of my daily life and it’s not only helped my shoulder but other ongoing niggles with movement and performance in other sports and training.  I’m now celebrating a pain free body and embracing all the sport and movement that I love.

Lou Parker-Swift, Devon – Former Professional Polo Player