Bodylistics® consists of four pillars for you to choose from as and how you please. This gives you the chance to tailor your bespoke programme to whatever you and your body need it to be. Today and every day. The shorter videos are here to help you feel inspired, how to move, how to stay well or possibly how to recover from a niggle. The longer videos provide real time movement routines and variety, with different styles and intensities to keep you training and grooving along. Hand-pick your learning. And move wherever you are and whenever you can.
You can start at any time and right now. No matter your age, ability or health. You will find something to help you connect to your movement desires – from dancing your heart out to breathing deeply into your soul.
Immediately. Moving brings instant joy and gratification if done with an open heart and mind.
Please ALWAYS see a professional health practitioner first if you have any concerns about your body or your health.
Real strength lies in the small and tiny movements. And there are plenty of them here with us! Training your intricate movement-neuro-coordination lies at the base of any strong performance. Having inner core strength is the key to staying on top of your game on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition to this, you will also find powerful and challenging movement routines to train intensely and to support your active movement career.

Yes it is! Whether you call yourself an active or a non-active person, we all are born to move. Bodylistics® is made to bring exactly that love and passion for movement back to your awareness and into your daily life. No matter your background or your movement status, you will find many tips on how to understand and generally treat your body well. Focusing on movement-neuro-coordination lies at the base of any healthy body, be it physically, mentally or emotionally healthy. And therefore movement lies at the base of your body and of your health too.

Bodylistics® is for anyone at any age of any ability at any stage anywhere and any time.

We love getting your input! Please send us an email at intouch@bodylistics.com and, if approved, we’ll endeavour to embodylist your request when we’re next filming a new round of videos.

Bodylistics® is so much more than just a freebie… it’s an investment into the journey of deeper understanding and learning. It requires focus and “staying with it“. Becoming a Bodylistiquer is becoming part of a philosophy and a community who are here to keep you inspired and movement supported on a continuous and long-term basis. Committing to a membership package tells your body and your mind that you really are committing too caring for your health and Self.

Bodylistics® is entirely self-funded with no support from big investors or shareholders, and we rely entirely on our community to keep helping us help you. Your membership allows us to continue producing and bringing you new material and extending the ever-growing library of new movement goodies. Thank you for being a Bodylistiquer, thank you for being one of us!

Yes of course, we love being Some Body’s presi! Please just go to the JOIN NOW tab and register your gift under your nominee’s contact details followed by checking-out with your payment details.

Yes, we are inclusive and wish to make Bodylistics® available to Every Body. If you feel you need support with making the purchasing of a membership affordable to you, please contact us at intouch@bodylistics.com and we will consider working out a solution for you to become a Bodylistiquer no matter your circumstances.
No. Videos are strictly protected under the ownership of Bodylistics Ltd and cannot be downloaded or shared. They can only be accessed and viewed via the Bodylistics® website and with an active and valid membership registration.
Unfortunately you won’t be able to use Bodylistics® unless you are connected to an internet feed.
This may be due to your internet bandwidth or wi-fi signal. Please refresh your page and try again. Occasionally the issue may lie at our end, as our videos are hosted on an external server in the background. Very rarely this can cause a slight delay to the video download speed. If you keep experiencing issues with this, please contact our technical team at intouch@bodylistics.com and we will be there to help find an answer to this and hopefully help solve any issues.

Your membership has been automatically opted in to auto-renewal meaning you will stay part of our community without having to worry about renewing your membership. However, if you would like to opt out of this automatic setting, please go to the settings options. Either way, we will send you a notification prior to the start of your next renewal date, so that you have time to decide your next moves. And hopefully you will love staying and renewing with us again.