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We are here for you. To help you learn about the logistics, the mechanics, the linguistics & the artistics of the body, and let’s just say there’s a little bit of supercalifragilistics in there too.

Anywhere Any Time

A Kitchen Counter Standing Routine

Educational, Accessible, Tangible

Flossing Your Pelvic Movement

Recover & Prevent Injuries

The Biomechanics of Your Hamstrings

Optimise Your Training

An All Round Cardio Dancey Workout

Improve your Daily Movement Life

Towels Becoming Pillows

NLP for Bodies, Injury Prevention and Movement Coaching

• Recover intelligently using the step-by-step online movement pharmacy® programmes
• Become pain-free
• Reprogramme your training and movement habits
• Empower and enhance your overall performance
• Teach yourself the gift of movement health for life


It’s unlike anything else. It’s changed the way I move forever.

Professional Dancer
No-one else does this! I finally understand my body and the reasons why it always used to hurt. Since working with Frances’s Bodylistics® I understand and have been pain-free ever since! I LOVE IT!!
Office Worker and Triathlete
Movement health in your training but also in your every day life! It shows you how to train and stay fit and well even when you’re with your hoover, with your bath towel, in your car- that’s what’s so unique and distinctive about it!
Professional Athlete

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Our packages are tailored exactly to and for you. Fully taking your specific condition and environment into consideration, you will experience a realistic and successful journey to long-term movement health. Together we will create a personalised programme for you to truly benefit from. With focused approaches for injury recovery and training maintenance, your sessions will not only cover the physical aspects of your situation but also the importance of the mental side of movement health (including digestive, visceral and emotional health) during your recovery and well-being process. You will always have my expert guidance at hand. Alongside regular and private consultations, I will write your personalised programmes for you AND you will get unlimited access to Bodylistics® Online where you can explore and educate yourself further to your specific needs.

Personalised Injury Recovery Sessions & Bodylistics® programmes
Personalised Training Sessions & Bodylistics® programmes
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The essential corporate packages for personalised training and injury recovery

Regular consultations via Zoom or in person with expert Frances Collier

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These programmes are specifically tailored to the needs of your company and made to meet your highest standard of commitment around your employees’ health and well-being. Please enquire directly on intouch@bodylistics.com or schedule a call below, to begin this journey together and discuss how Bodylistics® can represent the ideal corporate movement health platform which we have created especially for you and your company. Be it for the more office-based environment or the artistic and creative industry, we’ve got the quintessential package ready for you.

Packages for your company
Injury Prevention Consultancy & Bodylistics®programmes
Physical Training Health & Bodylistics®programmes
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To book your package please enquire via intouch@bodylistics.com
Patio Yoga
Rolling Through Your Spine
An Active Dancey Workout
Your Diaphragm

What do you get with a Bodylistics® Package?

A unique approach- not to be found elsewhere- in the way the videos have been filmed and the content is portrayed.
Birdwing Beach Yoga
The Pelvis Body Boat
Introduction to Shoulders
Looking Over Your Shoulder

• Short and comprehensive videos on demand
• Easy to remember
• For the pro and newbie mover alike
• Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow
• Enjoy a forever pain-free healthy movement life

• Self-assisted body mentoring
• How-to tools
• Discover daily movement life tips no-one else mentions
• Taking time to learn to care for yourself
• Shot in various locations, so “it sticks”

Full Bridge (AKA Wheel) and Variations, Doing This Correctly Will Help Relax Your Neck
Walk Your Stairs Correctly
The Pelvis, Hip and Leg Connection
VIP Cable Exercise In Detail
Strengthening Is Lengthening
Your Pelvic Floor, Train It Mindfully (and Bodyfully!)
Hoover Lunges
Training the Core of Your Core

• Encouraging you to choose and pick out the right thing that is relevant for you
• Featuring movement beauty and complex matter wrapped in simplicity
• Fully focused on inspiring your body, mind and soul on every level
• Combining several aspects and methods, raising awareness and helping you learn about movement flow and health

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Essential movement guide for

• People and Bodies interested in investing time to reprogramme their movement habits
• People and Bodies who want to recover from injuries and become pain-free long- term
• Professional dancers, actors & performers
• Professional sports people
• Professional body therapists
• Movement and sports instructors
• Yogies
• Organisations who have a duty of care focusing on injury prevention
• Educational inspiration to support and enhance physical and mental health curriculum in schools and training centres
• People who want to maximise their movement performance without injury
• Occupational therapists
• Mentoring
• NLBP (neurolinguistic body programming / NLP for bodies )
• People and Bodies who are interested in movement:
- Whether that be as a professional dancer or performer, or as someone who just wants to move
- Be it as someone who needs to recover from a niggle or just someone who wants to explore what it
means to nail that move and maintain movement health
• People who can’t get to see a hands-on therapist at the moment
• People who want to support their online live-classes with a How-To Tool Kit
• People who WFH or home schooling, and who don’t want to do yet another activity online class at a certain time but who’d rather integrate movement in between meetings or on demand
• People who recover from Covid19 and want to move gently back into activities

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