Why choose Bodylistics?

We are here for you. To help you learn about the logistics, the mechanics, the linguistics & the artistics of the body, and let’s just say there’s a little bit of supercalifragilistics in there too.

Anywhere Any Time


Educational, Accessible, Tangible


Recover & Prevent Injuries


Optimise Your Training


Improve Your Daily Movement Life

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Movement Hungry? Wishing to understand and get help with a niggle? Well, Bodylistics has been built for you. Become part of our vibrant family and community – join us today – so that you too can call yourself a Bodylistiquer!

24 Hours

24 hours Unlimited
£ 10
  • Movement World
  • Joy Ahoy
  • Body Zone
  • Learning Corner

3 Months

3 Months Unlimited
£ 100
  • Movement World
  • Joy Ahoy
  • Body Zone
  • Learning Corner

6 Months

6 Months Unlimited
£ 160
  • Movement World
  • Joy Ahoy
  • Body Zone
  • Learning Corner


One Year Unlimited
£ 275
  • Movement World
  • Joy Ahoy
  • Body Zone
  • Learning Corner


Yours forever
£ 890
  • Movement World
  • Joy Ahoy
  • Body Zone
  • Learning Corner
We also offer group and corporate memberships for teams as well as bespoke compilations, please get in touch with us for more information.

What you get with a Bodylistics Package

A unique approach- not to be found elsewhere- in the way the videos have been filmed and the content is portrayed.

• Short and comprehensive videos on demand
• Easy to remember
• For the pro and newbie mover alike
• Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow
• Enjoy a forever pain-free healthy movement life

• Self-assisted body mentoring
• How-to tools
• Discover daily movement life tips no-one else mentions
• Taking time to learn to care for yourself
• Shot in various locations, so “it sticks”

• Encouraging you to choose and pick out the right thing that is relevant for you
• Featuring movement beauty and complex matter wrapped in simplicity
• Fully focused on inspiring your body, mind and soul on every level
• Combining several aspects and methods, raising awareness and helping you learn about movement flow and health

What our members say

Who is it for? Is it for me?

• People and bodies who are interested in movement:
- Whether that be as a professional dancer or performer, or as someone who just wants to move
- Be it as someone who needs to recover from a niggle or just someone who wants to explore what it
means to nail that move and maintain movement health
• People who can’t get to see a hands-on therapist at the moment
• People who want to support their online live-classes with a How-To Tool Kit
• People who WFH or home schooling, and who don’t want to do yet another activity online class at a certain time but who’d rather integrate movement in between meetings or on demand
• People who recover from Covid19 and want to move gently back into activities

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