Joy Ahoy

Bringing movement joy into your daily life and spaces, be it at work or at home or during active times. Whether you’re in a room or outdoors, travelling or ticking chores off your list, cycling around the world or dancing your heart out – get inspired by what’s on offer here – and say JOY AHOY to every single move of yours.

“ The principles and lifestyle of Bodylistics and a connection with Frances’ warm soul will also help change many others’ lives for the better. ”
Dancer & Performer, London
Joy Ahoy Rooms
Joy Ahoy Rooms

Joy Ahoy


No matter how seemingly mundane the situation or the environment – there is movement to be had! Get inspired to move whenever and wherever you are, follow room-specific exercises and routines, and find out about the hazards and how to prevent injuries in your daily life activities.

Dance & Performers

Curtain up! This is for you if you’re a dancer, an actor, a musician, a performer in any way. Preparing for a show. Warming up for a rehearsal or warming down after a long day. Wishing to get tips on how to stay well whilst performing. Getting tools and techniques to enhance longevity and a healthy movement career. Work kindly with your body – for the show must go on.


Running, cycling, swimming, whatever your sports acivity – find out about tricks and tips on what to look out for, how to prevent injuries, and how to train and work with your sports body in the most clever and supportive way. With many real-time exercises and routines to follow along. You will never train alone but feel it’s just like having your personal coach by your side all the time.
Joy Ahoy Sports, Dance and Performers
Joy Ahoy Sports, Dance & Performers

Joy Ahoy

Sports, Dance & Performers

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Watch and learn

Wherever you are, whatever your needs, watch and learn and move whenever you wish.

Peace of mind

Not quite sure you’re doing the right thing? Learn all about the “How-to’s” and the “Why’s”.

Feel good

Get inspired by our many movement nuggets, and feel good wherever you are and at any stage in your life.

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